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About Albion Valves

Albion is a leading manufacturer of industrial valves and flow control solutions. Based in the United Kingdom, the company has been in operation for over 30 years and has earned a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable products that meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Albion Valves’ product line includes ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, and more, all of which are designed to withstand the harsh environments and high pressures found in many industrial settings.

The company’s valves are also known for their long service life, making them an excellent value for customers. In addition to their extensive range of valves, Albion Valves also offers a range of valve automation solutions, including electric and pneumatic actuators, as well as custom engineered solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers. 

See below the main ranges of Albion Valves that we supply. Contact us today for prices and to place an order.


albion ball vales by watkins and powis

Ball Valves

2 or 3 Piece manual lever isolation ball valves, WRAS/EN331 Gas approved.

Materials, brass, stainless, carbon steel, PVC/ABS plastics.

Connections, BSP/BSPT, NPT, compression, press fit, flanged and socket weld.

Handle options, Lever, ‘T’ and extended.

albion butterfly valves

Butterfly Valves

Flanged, manual lever/gear operated butterfly isolation valves.

Materials, cast iron (epoxy coated), PVC/ABS plastics.

Connections, semi lugged, wafer, lugged and tapped, double flanged.

Handle options, lever and geared.

albion gate valves

Gate Valves

Wheel operated isolation valves.

Materials, brass/bronze, stainless and cast iron.

Connections, BSP, compression and flanged.

Handle options, wheel head and lock shield.

albion valve stockists - globe valves

Globe Valves

Wheel operated isolation valves.

Materials, bronze, stainless and cast iron.

Connections, BSPT and flanged.

check valves by albion

Check Valves

Check valve/non-return valves, to prevent backflow.

Material, brass/bronze, stainless, cast iron, ductile iron, PVC/ABS plastics.

Connections, BSPP, press fit and flanged.

albion strainers and drain cocks

Strainers & Drain Cocks

Strainers are used to remove particles from fluids and protect plant.

Materials, brass, bronze, cast iron and stainless.

Connections, BSPP, press fit and flanged.

albion stockists watkins and powis - press valves

Press Valves

Various press fit valves using ‘M’ and ‘V’ profile press tools 15-54mm.

Ball valves, double regulating, check valves and strainers.

Materials, DZR brass and stainless.

albion hydronics


Valves used for controlling the flow and temperature of a heating, hot water or air conditioning system.

Materials, DZR brass, ductile iron and stainless.

Connections, BSP, press fit and flanged.

pressure control valves

Pressure Control Valves

Valves used to protect plant from excess pressure and to maintain flow pressures.

Materials, gunmetal, cast iron, bronze and stainless.

Connections, BSP, compression and flanged.

solenoid valves by albion

Solenoid Valves

These are control valves, when electrically energised or de-energised they shut off, turn on or control flow of various mediums.

Materials, brass and stainless.

Connections, BSPP and flanged.

public health valves

Public Health Valves

Valves used in hospitals, schools, and public buildings, to protect users from excess temperature, pressure and to maintain healthy water quality.

Materials, bronze, DZR brass and ductile iron.

Connections, BSPP, compression and flanged.

actuated valves

Actuated Valves

Ball and butterfly valves operated via electric or pneumatic actuators, to shut off, turn on or control flow of various mediums.

Materials, brass, stainless, ductile iron, and PVC plastic.

Connections, BSP, flanges and PVC cement sockets.

albion flexible connectors by watkins and powis

Flexible Connectors

Screwed or flanged flexible EPDM/NBR rubber flexible connectors, to prevent vibration within piping systems and to help protect plant from damage.

Materials, galvanised, stainless, EPDM and NBR.

Connections, BSPT/NPT and flanged.

albion fittings and albion valve suppliers


BSP/NPT 150lb rated stainless steel screwed fittings 316, ISO4144 standard.

Materials, stainless steel CF8M (316).

Connections, BSP/NPT, and socket weld.

misc albion valves

Misc Albion Valves

Radiator valves, automatic air vents, air release and float valves.

Materials, brass, and ductile iron.

Connections, BSP and flanged.

Product Accreditations

A large selection of our product range are WRAS Approved, ensuring you are provided with compliant products that keep water safe.

Furthermore, most of our product range has been checked to ensure they meet the EU safety, health or engironmental requirements.

wras approved product

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